Jacob Hagberg
Julie Tanaka
Josh Schwingler
Christopher Rueber
Sam Rosen
Jason Baker
Our Story Ideas that set off world-changing innovations are rare. Often times you hear them being conceived by college buddies over a few beers, or friends living out of their car and scraping together their final dollars to design that prototype… but that’s not our story.

Asset Record encompasses a group of seasoned real estate and technology professionals who eat, sleep and breathe Asset Record. We came together because we saw a need.

If you’ve ever purchased a property, refinanced a loan or been involved in a real estate transaction, you’ve felt the pain. Real estate transactions are complex and challenging to complete - especially compared to other asset classes. This is due to a lack of information and data standards, difficulty in finding all the people and information, and then reviewing/validating that information. Deals fall apart, projects are delayed, and both money and time are wasted searching for information and people.

We know the business of real estate. The adoption of technology in the real estate marketplace has moved at a stagnant pace while other industries have embraced it. Technology in real estate can lead the way towards new and exciting possibilities and in this regard, we are pioneers.

Asset Record is revolutionizing real estate by taking the convoluted process, adding state-of-the-art technology and transforming the way business is done through innovative solutions. Simply put: Asset Record makes real estate…well…easy.

Asset Record makes your business run smoothly through an easy to use system for better sharing and collaboration. This new environment is becoming the standardized information resource for the entire real estate ecosystem. This is our life passion.

Come collaborate in our world.